About me

A Little Bit About Your Humble Narrator

My name is Ed, I have been living and dealing with type 2 diabetes since shortly before the beginning of the 21st century. You can read a little bit about the progression of my diabetes Here.

What, me a diabetic!

It came as quite a shock to me when I found out that I had type 2 diabetes, even though my father was a diabetic. After all I was not really fat, a little overweight maybe. I weighed 160 pounds and was 5’10” tall, and in my forties. I had received a clean bill of health at every previous physical. I had however never had a blood glucose test until then, so I do not know exactly when I became a diabetic.

Some Things have changed

Having grown up with a diabetic parent, I thought that I knew all about having and controlling diabetes. I was wrong, while I did know some things, many other things had changed over the years. Blood tests were used instead of urine tests and there were new medications. Now there are rapid acting and long acting insulin analogs such as Apidra and Lantus.

Other things did not change

The meal plan and recommended diet however had not changed significantly. The bread exchange system wasn’t used much anymore, but the same medium carbohydrate low fat diet using the food pyramid which recommends 50% to 75% of calories from carbs was and is still being used.

What I know now

Since those early days I have gained considerable knowledge and insights into dealing with this condition. Things such as a low carbohydrate diet, supplements, sweeteners, and diabetic supplies which may be useful to others with diabetes.

How I can help

I have researched and found several ways to save money while dealing with this potentially very expensive disease. Meters that use inexpensive test strips for instance. Substitutes for the snacks found in the diabetic isle of the drug store. Suppliers to purchase supplies from with below retail prices.

I am working on some recipes for traditional meals using lower carbohydrate ingredients. Yes I know “not another cookbook”. These recipes won’t be fancy, they will be as close to home style traditional meals as I can make them. I will try to keep the exotic ingredients to a minimum while preserving flavor and nutrition.

Final words

A few things that I am not! I am not a doctor medical or otherwise, therefore my pages and posts should not be misconstrued as medical advice. Please speak with you doctor for advice. I am also not a nutritionist. The recipes and supplements I discuss work for me but may not be appropriate for you depending upon your medical conditions.

Thanks for reading,






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