Find Diabetes Books & cookbooks

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Why read books

Diabetes is a complicated and confusing disease. I have put together a list of books to help you understand more about your condition. Knowledge is power when it comes controlling your blood sugar. These books will teach you what you should eat and not eat, the best times to test, and when to take your medication.

Different points of view

These books have a variety of different authors, many of whom are doctors, with different methods and opinions. some of the authors conform to the more mainstream control methods while others recommend alternative diets and lifestyles.

Have better discussions with care givers

After reading some of these different points of view, you will be in a position to make more informed decisions about which methods might fit your condition and lifestyle. Reading the works of these authors will also give you more ideas to discuss with your doctor, diabetes educator, or dietitian.

Cookbooks and alternative diets

I have also compiled a variety of cookbooks that were written with diabetics in mind. Included among these are books about alternative diets which many diabetics have found useful. Subjects like low carb high fat diets, paleo diets, the , wheat free diet, the Mediterranean diet, Atkins, South beach, and others.

Kindle and E-books available

Many of these titles are also available in electronic form for reading with Kindles, Ipads, and smart phones. Ebooks are usually less expensive and always a lot easier to carry around.
Which ever form of book you choose whether it is hard cover paperback or electronic format, these books can enrich your life, and help you live a longer, happier and healthier life.

As always, thanks for reading this page.