Flaxseed: fiber with benefits

Flaxseed adds fiber and more

flaxseed1Flax seeds are tiny yet amazing.

Each tiny seed contains a powerhouse of nutrients such as Thiamine, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Copper, and Manganese.
In fact 1 cup of flaxseed has over 100% Daily Value of all of these nutrients and 40% DV for Vitamin B6. This same cup has a total carbohydrate value of 49 grams with 46 grams being fiber. That leaves a mere 3 grams of carbs to worry about.

Another health benefit of flaxseed is the Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA) omega-3 fatty acid they contain. ALA omega-3 is called an essential nutrient since it is needed for health and growth, and our bodies cannot produce it. Flax seed oil is considered the richest source of ALA, it contains about 5 times the amount contained in walnut oil.
Another added benefit of these tiny seeds is that they contain lignans which have powerful antioxidant properties.

Buying and storing

Flax seed can be found in food stores in 3 forms; whole seeds, ground seed, and oil. Unless you plan to buy a small amount and use it up in a short time, it is best to buy the whole seed. Whole seeds can be stored in your cupboard for up to about a year. Check the label for an expiration date. Ground flaxseed should be stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator, and keeps about 90 days. Whole seeds can be ground to the desired consistency with a spice/coffee

OK, how do we use it?

Now that we know about the health benefits of flaxseed, lets look at some ways to incorporate it into our diet.
Finely ground flaxseed can be added to sauces, mayo, yogurt, and smoothies to add a nutty flavor. Ground flaxseed can be mixed in with oatmeal or other cereals.
Add flaxseed to your baked goods, such as cookies, home made breads, meatloaf, muffins, and anything else that you want to add extra fiber and flavor to.
Ground flaxseed would fit in well with almond flour, and coconut flour and other ingredients used for making paleo or keto diet type foods.

Final thoughts about flaxseed.

If you are not used to eating high fiber foods, it is wise to start adding a small amount of flaxseed to your diet and increase the amount slowly to avoid minor stomach upset. Start with a teaspoon to a tablespoon daily.

As diabetics is important for us to eat a balanced low carbohydrate high fiber diet in order to keep blood sugar levels stable. Nutritious foods that are high in fiber also help with portion control since they are more filling and stave off hunger longer.


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