Supplies, Meters, & Test Strips

Save money on meters, test strips and other supplies.

I have assembled a list of cost saving meters and test strips, as well as some of the more popular brands. There are also some other needed supplies such as lancets, pen needles, sharps containers, and keto test strips. for health & beauty products

Glucose test meters
various glucose test meters

There are many brands and models of glucose test meters on the market. Do look at the price of the meter, look at the ongoing expense of the test strips. This cost can add up in a hurry. Most modern meters are pretty accurate, repeat-ability is in my opinion the most important aspect. Meters can be several points off and still be considered within acceptable accuracy range. You need to know that your glucose level is the same every time your meter reads a certain number. What you do not want is for you meter to read 110 one time when your level is 130 and give the same reading when your level is 90.

There are several brands of lancets that you can buy. some are considerably more expensive than others. They all do the same thing, and equally as well, so why spend more money than you need to. If they fit in your lancet device they will work.

When it comes to insulin pen needles, the biggest difference is in the price. Some are Electro-polished, Micro-bonded and have other selling points. This is all well and good but if you cannot feel the difference why pay the difference. by all means if one brand hurts less use it but if you are like me go with the less expensive brand. It pays to find out if you can feel the difference.




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